365 Challenge: Day 46/365

Every time you have a bad day… You HAVE to tell yourself that it won’t be for long. There’s no magic trick to it. It’s ALWAYS about attitude and perspective. To get to where you want to be, you must place yourself there in your mind first. But above all else, you need to realize that bad days sre necessary in order to get there.

365 Challenge: Day 38/365

Your infant son has finally gone to sleep. It is the middle of the night. Suddenly, your brain gets a burst of energy and your will to write comes to life. The problem is, you have a thousand ideas swirling around in your head at once — like the debris in a snowglobe after it’s been shaken up — and it causes you to overthink while trying to get something down on paper or typed out at the computer. The overthinking burns all of your energy down and now you are knocked back down to square one: writers block, fatigue, and a lack of will. #Mylife