I’m a slave to both my jobs and it’s really been bringing me down because I have little time for anything else… Then there’s the Coronavirus Pandemic, which hasn’t made anything any easier. So I will have to suspend my posts on here until further notice.

365 Challenge: Day 3/365

Some food for thought: My son is almost four months old. In reflection, I realize that the strangest experience I’ve had to date — as far as being a mother in general goes — would be how fast and how drastically my life has changed. And as I am still changing myself to catch up, I know that it was only yesterday when I cared about a lot of the things that just don’t matter anymore. Perhaps those things never did. Simply put, every single one of my needs and wants have taken a backseat to my little Danny boy. He is number-one priority now. Not that I’ve abandoned self-care altogether, just that I don’t have nearly as much time to tend to myself anymore. I care even less about drama and other people’s problems. What little family and friends I have left to see I don’t see very often anymore. Being a parent seems to really have a way with putting things into perspective. Maybe this is what growing up has always been about: Each time something major happens in your life, you start heading in a different direction than you expected to, you learn what really matters, and you grow in that truth.

365 Challenge: Day 2/365

It amazes me how many people from my generation need to relearn basic grammar.  For example, the other day a guy on my Instagram posted “Miss my women tonight” while tagging his girlfriend in a selfie of them. I’m pretty sure he meant to write “woman” — You know, the SINGULAR version of the word? It’s true, I don’t know his business BUT… I assume that would be problematic if one girlfriend learned about the other(s). Just saying, it wouldn’t be smart to try and live that life in 2020. Women are crazy, y’all, and we live in the age of information… In all seriousness, it just bothers me that no one valued or appreciated English class and it really shows. I hang my head and shake it in disappointment.
Rant over.

To My Followers: I haven’t Forgotten You!

So I have indeed noticed that my followers grew to 25!! It’s slow but steady growth and I am really excited about that. 😁😁😁

Which brings me to the appreciative shoutout post which I promised to those newcomers who had initially brought me to 21… That is still in the works and once I have time I will read up on each of your blogs so that I have content. I will also be making another shoutout to the ones who brought me to 25 and it will follow right after the first one. So stay tuned my friends! The future is near. 🌼

More Winter Snow in Az!

“…for nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own…” ~ Charles Dickens

Looks like the winter storm finally made its way to the West coast this past weekend… I went home to visit on Friday and saw more snow than I had ever seen in my entire life! — It was still less than a foot, mind you. 🙂 We had a grand time beholding it…

Anyhow, to address the elephant in the room, I know I haven’t been able to keep up with posts on this blog as of late. Life has a way of throwing monkey wrenches in your plans. Nevertheless, I do promise a comeback in the near future. There’s so much to catch up on! And there are several new ideas that I’ve written down and want to try out. Until then, stay tuned! As well, have a marvelous Monday. 🌼

Sunday Devotional: 1/6/19

Happy New Year! For this week’s second edition of the Sunday Devotional, a passage for you from Proverbs 23:9…

“Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.”



What a lot of people still don’t realize is that the Bible has many words of wisdom in it that anybody can apply to their everyday life. My take is that in that way, it’s unlike any other religious book out there. The lesson that can be taken from Proverbs 23:9 is that some people, no matter how hard you try, are set in their ways and cannot be taught differently, even when they’re wrong. You may know something that they don’t know, but they don’t care. They will not see you when you take action and set an example. They will not hear you no matter how clearly you explain to them why they are wrong. The problem with fools — or ignorant people — is that they believe they already have enough wisdom or at least more wisdom than you. Ignorance is an unfortunate condition of the mind, like having blinders up while driving. For too many people, this is a permanent condition.

Therefore, what God is telling us here is don’t bother trying to show a fool/ignorant the light. Trying to will only result in a waste of your own precious energy. Leave it up to God — because yes, some people change, but on their own accord. They only change the way they live their lives by acts of God known as miracles. The Lord blesses those who want to change for the better. You do not have that ability. So as soon as you discover the person you’re interacting with is an ignorant person, discontinue any argument or debate with them and if you must, walk away from them. Do not tell them that they are ignorant or use any other triggering language. Otherwise, things can get out of hand quick. After you’ve successufully done that, remember that not everyone can be saved. Remember too that the only thing that could have been accomplished was them bringing out the worst in you. We all get judged in the end. Just leave it at that.

Have a blessed day!


30-Day Song Challenge: Day 17

Thought I posted this yesterday, but it saved as a draft.. Woops lol

I saw this on a post from The Haunted Wordsmith and thought I’d join in on the fun! Here is my Day 17:

Day 17:

Does He Love You (ft. Linda Davis) – Reba McEntire

When I do sing this song, it’s usually alone. At any rate, I try to sing the Carrie Underwood version that she did on the Opry stage with Reba (try and fail!) playing as Carrie. Haha! She’s kind of my girl. 💁‍♀️👱‍♀️👸 I did sing it once at my wedding (Yes, it was a karaoke party) and I was hooked. So much fun!

Fyi: I’ve learned lately that I can only sing in front of people when I’ve had a little to drink. Otherwise, stage fright will mess me up. Just a little fun fact about me.